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Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport

An important new tool for parents, coaches, athletes and healthcare professionals

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The Parachute Vision Zero Network 2nd Annual Summit

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New Rail Safety Program Plans to Save Lives

Parachute announces our two-year #CrossSAFE initiative

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Statement on Concussion Baseline Testing in Canada

Recommendations regarding concussion baseline testing in Canadian youth & adult athletes

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Get Ready for National Teen Driver Safety Week

NTDSW 2017 community kits are now available

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  • Parachute is gearing up to launch Safe Kids Week 2017

    Parachute invites you to take part in Safe Kids Week. We have up to date information on how communities can participate, order toolkits and organize a successful Safe Kids Week event in your area.

  • Magical Support For National Teen Driver Safety Week

    In support of National Teen Driver Safety week, You Tuber Rayn Majic performed some phone magic on random people around Toronto. Our campaign is all about being focused on the road while driving. Please visit for more info and use the hashtag #GetHomeSafe to support the campaign

  • The Symptoms of Concussions

    What are the symptoms when you have a concussion? Find out by watching this video and be sure to visit: for more information.

  • Vision Zero: The Future of Road Safety Q&A

    Find out more about Vision Zero and how it could change the future of road safety.

  • Stop the Clock

    In Canada, preventable injuries kill more youth than all other causes combined. Canada incurs an annual economic burden of $27 billion per year. Find our more at #CostofInjury

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