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  • NTDSW matters because you matter

    Parachute's President & CEO, Louise Logan, talks about why National Teen Driver Safety Week Matters to her.

  • What is National Teen Driver Safety Week?

    Alex Kelly, Senior Coordinator, Programs at Parachute explains why teen driver safety is a huge issue in Canada. While young people only make up 13% of licensed drivers, they account for approximately one quarter of all road-related injuries and fatalities.

  • Stop the Clock

    In Canada, preventable injuries kill more youth than all other causes combined. Canada incurs an annual economic burden of $20 billion per year. Parachute’s Stop The Clock raises awareness of preventable injuries, and aims to mitigate the staggering impact that injuries have on Canadians.

  • Let’s all #PracticeSafeText!

    Laureen Harper, The Hon. Lisa Raitt, Parachute's President & CEO Louise Logan and students from Ottawa's Nepean High School commit to #PracticeSafeText. Help stop the clock on distracted driving!

  • Would you text here?

    The IS IT WORTH IT? Teen Driver Safety Campaign aims to prevent injury and save lives by reducing distracted, impaired and aggressive driving. Check out for more information about teen driver safety and distracted driving. #IsItWorthItCampaign

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