Concussion Ed

Concussion Ed is designed to give Canadians free access to critical concussion resources. This free mobile app was primarily developed for youth, parents and educators, but covers concussions throughout different scenarios for a wide audience. Available in English and French, Concussion Ed is organized into Prevent, Recognize, Manage and Track.

Parachute worked under the guidance of its Expert Advisory Committee and with selected members from the Canadian Concussion Collaborative to select relevant, evidence-based material for Concussion Ed. The development of Concussion Ed was supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Concussion Ed is available in the Apple App Store as well as Google Play for Android devices. Concussion Ed is also available via a web-based version for Blackberry and Windows users.

What to do

A concussed person should be removed from activity immediately and assessed by a medical doctor. Post-concussive symptoms may intensify with an increase in activity, so it is important that return to activity is gradual and monitored/supervised by a medical professional. If symptoms worsen, it may be important to seek medical assistance right away.

Following a concussion, individuals may experience many different signs and symptoms. A symptom is something the athlete will feel, whereas a sign is something friends, family or a coach may notice. It is important to remember that some symptoms may appear right away and some may appear later.

Here are some resources to help you understand the various stages of recovering from a concussion and returning to normal activity.