About Parachute

Parachutes’s Mission

Creating a safer Canada by preventing serious and fatal injuries through evidence-based solutions that advocate and educate.

Parachute’s Vision

A Canada free of serious injuries… with Canadians living long lives to the fullest.

Parachute, a national Canadian charity founded in 2012, promotes researched, evidence-based and expert-advised resources and tools that can help to prevent serious harm or death from preventable injuries. Parachute wants Canadians from coast to coast to coast in this great nation to safely work, play, and enjoy their families and friends to the fullest throughout a long and healthy life.

Annually, predictable and preventable injuries in Canada result in:

  • 16,000 deaths
  • 231,000 hospital stays
  • 3.5 million visits to emergency rooms
  • 60,000-plus disabilities; and
  • $26.8 billion in total economic burden

Experts estimate that up to 90 per cent of serious injuries are predictable and preventable.

Despite being the leading cause of death for Canadians aged 1 to 44, injury is one of the most under-funded social issues when compared to other forces that affect our health and longevity, such as cancer or heart diseases.

Parachute will lead the campaign to bring an end to these preventable tragedies. Our strategies include increasing awareness around the importance of injury prevention and providing the best solutions to prevent injury in the home, on the streets, at work, during sports, or at play.

We will raise funds to execute these initiatives while increasing our capacity by attracting influencers and innovators who support our mission: We want to mobilize Canadians – individuals, organizations, and governments – to understand the effectiveness of injury prevention and work with them to adopt these measures to help Canadians live long lives to the fullest.

Parachute’s values

At Parachute, we strive to promote a supportive, empowering, innovative culture. Our values and team-based approach to our work ensures employees have the opportunity to provide input to solutions while developing and advancing their knowledge and careers within a balanced work-life environment.

Parachute’s approach to injury prevention is based on the following values and principles:

  • Evidence-based – Parachute uses an evidence-based approach to setting priorities, designing implementable and cost-effective solutions, and evaluating impact.
  • Implementation focused – Parachute builds capacity and provides best practice solutions that are scalable and meet the needs of our diverse stakeholder and injury prevention network across the country, focusing on programs and initiatives that are achieving the desired impact and outcomes.
  • Policy driven – Parachute provides thought leadership and focus to public policy dialogue and actions across Canada.
  • Collaborative and complementary – Parachute strengthens the cause of injury prevention and sets the national agenda by bringing together leading practices, from Canada and around the world. We work with federal, provincial, and territorial injury prevention initiatives, as well as corporations and foundations, to augment and accelerate their efforts, avoid duplication, and share leading practices.
  • Innovative – Parachute attracts innovators and influencers to injury prevention. We embrace new approaches, ideas, technologies, and processes that can help us achieve our goals.

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