CEO and President

A message from CEO Steve Podborski

In 2016, following the successful tenure of Parachute’s first President and CEO, Louise Logan, the organization was seeking its next leader. Perhaps, at first, it seems I’m an odd fit for an organization devoted to injury prevention: I was the guy who hurled himself down mountains that fewer than a dozen people could race.

But I was also the guy who wanted to win. You can’t win when you fall and get hurt. I was an early, dedicated fan for preventing injury, especially to me.

When you take the position that you have to have a mindset for injury prevention and that you have to actively plan for how to avoid obvious, and not so obvious, pitfalls, it's like music to an injury prevention specialist’s ears. I joined Parachute as its second President and CEO in June 2017 and was pleased, in December 2017, to present Parachute’s second strategic plan, Our Leap Forward, the roadmap to guide our work for 2018-2020.  

Parachute, as an organization, needs to make decisions and progress in its mission based on evidence, just as we advocate that injury prevention strategies be based in the latest and best evidence.

We are a valuable resource for Canadians from coast to coast to coast, whether you are a:

  • parent
  • educator
  • road user
  • coach
  • injury prevention specialist.

We advocate for better laws and policies. We provide reliable information. We lead campaigns to persuade Canadians to adopt safer ways of living, playing, and moving.

I and our team of dedicated staff, advisers, and volunteers are committing to create a safer Canada by preventing serious injury and death through evidence-based solutions that advocate and educate. Please join us and support our work.


Parachute President and CEO Steve Podborski describes himself as a “passionate leader in charity, business, and sport.”

He is a two-time Olympian and first North American male to win an Olympic medal in downhill skiing, capturing a bronze at the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid, New York. In 1982 Steve became the first, and still only, non-European male to win the World Cup downhill title and credits much of his unprecedented success to his “Crazy Canuck” teammates.

Since May 2017, Steve has been the President and CEO of Parachute, Canada’s national injury prevention charity. This followed a career as a sports announcer for NBC and CBS and more than a decade with TELUS where, as Director of Sports and Wellness, he helped manage a $40-million annual portfolio of giving to charities across Canada while driving results for Canadian kids in two major sports and health education programs: HEROS and 60 Minute Kids Club. 

In sport, Steve is a dedicated volunteer: his most recent, and high-profile, post was serving as the Chef de Mission for the Canadian Olympic Team in Sochi, Russia. He continues to serve the Canadian Olympic movement as a Board Member of the COC and a member of its Governance and Ethics Committee.

Among his many honours, Steve is in four sports Halls of Fame and is an Officer of the Order of Canada