Parachute In The News

Parachute staff and our various programs are regularly featured in news coverage. Here are some recent examples:

Norris McDonald about his interview with CEO, Steve Podborski, his ski career and his commitment to Vision Zero

Toronto Star, Feb. 23, 2019

CEO Steve Podborski interviewed on Vision Zero
Canadian International Autoshow, Feb. 16, 2019

Toddler dies in hospital after being struck by vehicle on Christmas Day

CHCH, Jan. 4, 2019

Parliamentary committee convenes to crack down on concussions

The Globe and Mail, Nov. 21, 2018

CEO Steve Podborski talks about concussion education (begins at 54:15)

CBC Cross Country Checkup, Nov. 18, 2018

CEO Steve Podborski talks about concussion education 

CBC Cross Country Checkup, Nov. 18, 2018

NFL gives significant funding to help youth 'SHRed' the burden of concussion

University of Calgary, Nov. 16, 2018

Parachute's Manager Stephanie Cowle about Halloween Safety

105.9 York Region, Nov. 1, 2018

CEO Steve Podborski on the importance of wearing helmets on the slopes

The Weather Network, Oct. 31, 2018

How long should a child keep using a rear-facing seat?

The Globe and Mail, Oct. 29, 2018

Improving and standardizing concussion education and care: a Canadian experience

Future Medicine, Oct. 24, 2018

How concussion research is changing university sports

Calgary Journal, Oct. 24, 2018

Former Crazy Canuck Podborski going full speed ahead on concussion management

The Star, Oct. 21, 2018

How to talk to your kids about pot now that it's legal for adults

CTV News, Oct. 17, 2018

VP, Pamela Fuselli, about the dangers of children being exposed to cannabis

CTV News, Oct. 15, 2018 

With cannabis legalization looming, doctors foresee uptick in emergency-room visits

Globe and Mail, Oct. 14, 2018

President Steve Podbosrki about dangers of cannabis

Winnipeg Sun, Oct. 14, 2018 

Marijuana Can Be Poisonous For Young Kids, So Here's How To Store It Safely

HuffPost Canada, Oct. 12, 2018

Spike in cannabis poisoning in kids a concern for doctors: ‘It’s candy and it tastes great’

Global News, Oct. 11, 2018

Parachute co-founder Dr. Charles Tator on Rowan’s Law Day

Globe and Mail, Sept. 26, 2018

VP Pamela Fuselli on how construction zones pose safety risk to cyclists and pedestrians

CBC News, Sept. 26, 2018

Un sommet sur la distraction au volant se tiendra mardi à Montréal

L'actualité, Sept. 16, 2018

Un sommet sur la distraction au volant à Montréal

Métro Montréal

Un sommet sur la distraction au volant mardi à Montréal

La Presse Canadienne, Sept. 16, 2018

VP Pamela Fuselli on Vision Zero vehicle speed recommendations

CBC Alberta at Noon, Sept. 5, 2018

Parachute’s Stephanie Cowle on “Kids and Concussion”

B.C. Parent, September 2018 issue

Steve Podborski at See The Line concussion conference

London Free Press, Aug 16, 2018

VP Pamela Fuselli on leaving children in hot cars

The Globe and Mail, July 16, 2018

Only half of Canadians know the signs of concussions: survey

Global News, Jul 12, 2018

Canadians know little about the dangers of concussions, survey suggests

CTV Toronto, July 13, 2018 

VP Pamela Fuselli on National Injury Prevention Day

CBC Ontario Morning, Jul 5, 2018

President Steve Podborski on National Injury Prevention Day (at 43:55)

Early Edition, CBC Vancouver, Jul 5, 2018

CTV National News interviewed VP Pamela Fuselli on child safety 

CTV News, June 23, 2018 

The Safety of Toronto's Streets

The Agenda with Steve Paikin, June 19, 2018

Oakville crossing guard named Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard in national contest

Toronto Star, Jun 14, 2018

National concussion guidelines largely adopted by Canadian sports

The Globe and Mail, Jun 8, 2018 

Flying with Parachute: 42 national sport bodies adopt new concussion protocols

Ottawa Citizen, Jun 8, 2018

Parachute Board Director Dr. Ash Singhal speaks on #KidsAndConcussion

BT Vancouver, Jun 7, 2018

Crossing guard wins award for going above and beyond 

CTV News London, June 3, 2018

Oakville Crossing Guard Among Canada's Favourites

InHalton, May 30, 2018

Meet 1 of Canada's favourite school crossing guards, a North Vancouver DJ

CBC News, May 30, 2018

Local winners for Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard Contest

Global News, May 29, 2018 

Parachute’s CDO Rem Langan: Four reasons to work past retirement age

The Globe and Mail, May 10, 2018

Steve Podborski on trying to create a culture of injury prevention in sports

SportsNet, May 2, 2018

CEO Steve Podborski interviewed by CBC Vancouver about concussion (at 1:29:53) 

CBC Vancouver, Apr 16, 2018 

Injury Prevention: Canadian Olympian Steve Podborski’s Surprising Second Act

Zoomer, Apr 10, 2018

VP Pam Fuselli on children’s play, and the difference between risk and hazard

City News Toronto, Apr 3, 2018

CEO Steve Podborski talks about Rowan’s Law and Concussion Safety

The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO, Mar 20, 2018

CEO Steve Podborski talks about concussion and Rowan’s Law

Zoomer Radio, Mar 11, 2018

Parachute co-founder Dr. Charles Tator reflects on Ontario’s Rowan’s Law

The Globe and Mail, Mar 10, 2018

Parachute VP Pamela Fuselli on “The Road to Vision Zero” (video)

TVO The Agenda with Steve Paikin, Mar 6, 2018

Medicine Storage Safety And Kids: You're Probably Not Doing Enough 

Huffington Post, Feb. 28, 2018 

CEO Steve Podborski testifies at final public hearing for Rowan’s Law

CTV News Torotno, Feb. 26, 2018

Proposed “concussion code of conduct” could help sports insurers

Canadian Underwriter, Feb. 22, 2018

Parachute VP Pamela Fuselli on trampoline safety

CBC Vancouver Early Edition, Jan. 26, 2018

Newsday talks to Parachute co-founder Dr. Charles Tator about concussion in hockey

Newsday, Jan. 13, 2018

When swallowed, button cell batteries can badly burn a child’s throat

Global News, Jan. 9, 2018

Boy's neck gets tangled in ropes at Winnipeg indoor playground

CTV News, Nov.29, 2017

NPR talks to Parachute co-founder Dr. Charles Tator on concussion and the NHL

Morning Edition, National Public Radio, Nov. 29, 2017

Steve Podborski: A downhill daredevil’s surprising 2nd act

CBC Sports, Nov. 15, 2017

After David Poisson's tragic death, downhill skiers will count on preparation to ward off risks that don't go away

National Post, November 15, 2017

Concussions: Is the reward worth the risk? 

CBC Sports, November 10, 2017

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame welcomes newest members

CBC Sports, November 9, 2017

It's hard to keep an Olympian down after a concussion

CBC Sports, October 27, 2017

Scientists gain new window to mysteries of concussions

The Globe & Mail, October 19, 2017

National campaign to get teens to drive safe underway in Sudbury

CBC Sudbury, October 18, 2017

Friends of Hannah Thorne warn students against dangerous driving

CBC NL, October 17, 2017

Concussions will kill hockey. Gary Bettman needs to save it

The Globe & Mail, October 16, 2017

When it comes to brain injuries, how dangerous is youth hockey?

The Globe & Mail, October 15, 2017

School zone driving is getting worse in B.C., survey suggests

Vancouver Sun, September 5, 2017

How to avoid, recognize and treat concussion in sports

National Post, September 6, 2017

University athletes with concussions still show changes in the brain after medical clearance to play

Global News, August 24, 2017

Why athletes' concussion MRIs 'not all doom and gloom'

CBC Health, August 24, 2017

Athletes cleared to play still have brain changes: study

Global National,  August 24, 2017

Time to put legislative teeth into the concussion debate

CBC Sports, August 23, 2017

In Good Company: Air Canada at the Parachute Gala

enRoute, August 17, 2017

CFL faces challenge at Supreme Court of Canada on concussions

The Globe & Mail, August 15, 2017

Government announces release of guideline on concussions in sports

CTV, July 28, 2017

Canadian government issues guidelines on concussions in sport, July 28, 2017

Concussions in sports: Feds announce guidelines for diagnosis, treatment

Global News, July 28, 2017

Group takes aim at concussion risk with national guidelines

Globe and Mail, July 28, 2017

Canadian government releases guideline on concussions in sport, July 28, 2017

Canadian government releases guideline on concussions in sport, July 28, 2017

Canadian guideline on concussions in sports released, July 28, 2017

'Watch your child, not your phone': Drownings up this year in Ontario

Metro News Toronto, July 14, 2017

The perfect balance; Funds and awareness raised for preventable injuries 

National Post, June 17, 2017

Mexican Consulate in Leamington, Ont. urges water safety after migrant worker drowns

CBC Windsor, June 16, 2017

Watch: Laval Crossing Guard Named One of Canada's Best, June 14, 2017

Keeping Surrey kids safe, and healing hurts

Surrey Now Leader, June 6, 2017

Diary of the Week: Power Ball XIX, Parachute Gala, Scrubs in the City

Hello! Canada, June 6, 2017

What happens when Toronto takes the ‘play’ out of playground

The Globe and Mail, May 19, 2017

A better approach to brain injuries on P.E.I.

The Guardian, April 4, 2017

Every eight minutes a baby is injured due to nursery products

Global News, March 13, 2017

American study on nursery product-related injuries

CTV News, March 13, 2017

Time to keep children and youth active, healthy and safe

The Hill Times, March 7, 2017 (reprinted with permission from The Hill Times)

Edmonton teen breaks neck while visiting indoor trampoline park

Global News, January 10, 2017

Deadly year for pedestrians in Toronto a wake-up call to improve road safety

The Globe and Mail, December 29, 2016

Neuroscience explains why elderly people fall

Metro News Toronto, December 12, 2016

National Post series: Driven to Distraction

National Post, November 26, 2016

CityNews covers the 2016 launch of National Teen Driver Safety Week

CityNews Toronto, October 18, 2016

Windsor students drive home distracted driving message

The Windsor Star, October 18, 2016

Parachute teen driver poll on distracted driving 

News 1130, October 18, 2016

TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin panel discussion on distracted driving

TVO, September 27, 2016

Kathleen Wynne urges Pokémon Go players to keep their heads up

Toronto Star, July 18, 2016

App to help prevent concussions (Concussion Ed)

CTV News Edmonton, June 8, 2016

Safe Kids Week 

Bayshore Broadcasting, June 6, 2016

Ontario wants concussion policy 

CTV Toronto, June 1, 2016

Playground concussions on the rise

CTV National, May 2, 2016

Put the phone down

The Oshawa Express, May 11, 2016

Recent study raises red flags on playground safety

Global News Toronto, May 2, 2016

6 Concussion Symptoms and Other Facts About this Head Injury

Huffington Post Canada, March 21, 2016

Action needed to address the rising cost of concussions in Canada

Ottawa Sun, March 19, 2016

Almost 300 people killed in vehicle collisions last year

CityNews Story, March 12, 2016

Canada's increasingly destructive, and deadly, snowmobile obsession

Maclean's, February 3, 2016

New Maryland woman one of Canada's favourite crossing guards, January 25, 2016

93-year-old Brampton crossing guard named one of Canada's favourites

CTV News, December 9, 2015

Lively high school students promise to not text and drive, October 20, 2015 

Stats show young drivers account for more than their fair share of road injuries. 

Brampton Guardian, October 19, 2015

Why a leading neuroscientist wants the brains of hockey players, September 25, 2015

Parachute encourages Canadians to play SMART hockey

Yahoo!, September 24, 2015

Doctors, hockey organizations take aim at spinal cord injuries

The Province, September 16, 2015

Canadian Sport Concussion Project educates CFLers on brain traumas

Toronto Star, September 6, 2015

Walk This Way program champions pedestrian safety

Yahoo!, August 27, 2015

Parachute merger critical success factors

Trends, The Change & Adaptation Issue

Injuries cost NB health system $696M annually: report

Telegraph Journal, August 4, 2015

Cost of preventable injuries continuing to grow says new report

Canada Newswire, June 3, 2015

Preventable injuries cost Canada billions, report says
CTV, June 3, 2015

Preventable injuries in Canada called 'heartbreaking and unsustainable'

CBC, June 3, 2015

Daughter’s memory prompts parents to push for safer sports

The Globe and Mail, May 22, 2015

How I’m overcoming my fear of letting my kid bike to school

Today's Parent, May 19, 2015

Why most Canadian children are now driven to school
The Globe and Mail, May 14, 2015

Kids given dramatic demonstration of why bike helmets are necessary

The Telegram, May 6, 2015

Northumberland officially declared a safe community by Parachute Canada, April 12, 2015

Northumberland County officially marks designation as Safe Community, April 9, 2015

How safe are hockey helmets? 

Canada AM, March 31, 2015

Concussion: The Invisible Injury

Peterborough This Week, March 20, 2015

Keeping kids safe from injury

Daily Herald-Tribune, February 26, 2015

Toronto parents launch petition to ban body checking in minor hockey

Global News Toronto, February 6, 2015

When are kids ready to commute without adults?

Global News Toronto, February 3, 2015

When can a kid travel solo? It depends on street smarts more than age, experts say

The ChronicleHerald, February 3, 2015

The number of distracted driving tickets handed out by London police keeps going up

London Free Press, January 28, 2015

Researchers use dollar signs to show NHL the cost of brain injuries

Globe and Mail, January 16, 2015

Risk reduction, not outright bans, key to safe sledding: experts

Globe and Mail, January 14, 2015

'Favourite crossing guard' honoured

Brockville Recorder, December 18, 2014

Toronto man named Canada's favourite crossing guard

CTV Toronto, December 18, 2014

Londoner winner of 'Canada's Favourite Crossing Guard'

CTV London, December 18, 2014

Toy-related injuries on the rise, study shows

The Toronto Star, December 1, 2014

Campbell-Pascall focused on education

The Leader Post, November 25, 2014

Remembrance: Ceremony and vigil honours Canadian road crash victims

The Toronto Star, November 20, 2014

Parents share agony of losing children in road crashes 

The Globe and Mail, November 18, 2014

Half of Canadian teens hit or nearly hit by vehicles while walking

Global News, November 17, 2014

Cassie Campbell and Dr. Tator team up on concussion awareness

Ottawa Citizen, November 10, 2014

National Teen Driver Safety Week

NewsTalk 1010, October 19, 2014

When Should Kids Walk to School Alone?

The Toronto Star, August 28, 2014

Police Urge Road Safety as Children Head Back to School

Global News Toronto, September 2, 2014

Don't dive into a life-changing injury: Use common sense to stay safe in pools and lakes

The Globe & Mail, August 8, 2014

Risky play and skinned knees are key to healthy child development

The Toronto Star, July 29, 2014

Ontario to bring back bill to toughen penalties for distracted driving

Global News, July 9, 2014

Childhood injury prevention for the summer (4 video clips)

BT Toronto, July 8, 2014

Smart Safety Move

Leader-Post, July 7, 2014

The concussion conundrum

Winnipeg Free Press, July 5, 2014

Winnipeg students' distracted driving ad wins national award

CBC News Manitoba, June 27, 2014

Concussion prevention takes a hit from hockey leagues

The Globe & Mail, June 22, 2014

Swimming during Safe Kids Week

Kootenay News Advertiser, June 13, 2014

Debate: Should children be banned from contact sports? Read and vote

Globe and Mail, June 9, 2014

Have a splashing time this summer, but stay safe

Times Colonist, June 6, 2014

Distracted driving is deadly, transport Minister & PM's wife warn teens

CBC, June 2, 2014

Car Seat Safety Tips

Parents Canada, May 22, 2014

Experts reminding parents of dangers of backyard trampolines

CTV News Toronto, May 14, 2014

Car Seat Safety

CHCH, April 24, 2014

Preston GM gives parents a course on buckling up their babies 

The Now, April 10, 2014

Kitchen experiment show the dangers of lithium batteries

Global News, April 2, 2014

The impact of concussions

Canadian Living, April 2014

Nicholson promotes safety, helmet use, March 17, 2014

Helmet Use

CTV Nothern Ontario, March 14, 2014

It's all about the brain

Kingston Whig-Standard, March 5, 2014

Should you sign your kid up for a contact sport?

Globe and Mail, Feb. 26, 2014

Car seat installation program launches at CIAS, Feb. 20, 2014

Research project aims to reduce youth sports injuries by 20% by 2020

Calgary Sun, Jan. 23, 2014

Tobogganing is more dangerous than you think – here’s how to stay safe

Globe and Mail, Jan. 19, 2014 

How to Identify Symptoms of a Concussion, Jan. 8, 2014

Tips on picking out the right helmet

Global News, Jan. 2, 2014

Toronto's Jake Apacible named Canada's favourite crossing guard

Global News Toronto, Dec. 13, 2013

Safe driving and pig kissing share St. Joe’s stage

The Windsor Star, Dec. 5, 2013

No Regrets Live aims to empower

Grand Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune, Nov. 26, 2013

No Regrets

Cogeco North Bay News, Oct. 31, 2013

Wanted: 'Pace car drivers' to slow down the speeders

Times Colonist, Oct. 22, 2013

Dr. Charles Tator: Sports concussion expert

Hockey Night in Canada Radio, Oct. 10, 2013

Alcohol, teens and road safety: Emerging research, programs and priorities

Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin, Oct. 4, 2013

Chris Selley: Forget the latest hysteria, statistics show playgrounds are safe

The National Post, Sept. 19, 2013

Looks Like Playground Injuries are on the Rise

AM900 CHML, Sept. 18, 2013

Safe Swimming

CKWS TV News, July 23, 2013

Learn not to drown

Belleville Intelligencer, July 23, 2013

Child safety: how can business help prevent injury?

The Guardian, July 17, 2013

Maple Ridge toddler dies after falling from window

Maple Ridge News, July 16, 2013

Prevent Drowning Deaths in the Bath

CBC News, Toronto, July 5, 2013

Prevent Heatstroke - Never Leave Kids in Cars

CTV News Network, July 5, 2013

Helmet Design Impacts Concussion Risk

CBC News, July 2, 2013

Study Suggests Head Injuries in Teens More Common than Thought

CTV National News, June 24, 2013

Parachute’s Safe Kids Week 2013 Puts the Spotlight on Concussions

Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin, May 24, 2013

Former Oakville woman lives with her past mistakes

Oakville Beaver, May 14, 2013

Put a lid on it

Ottawa Family Living, spring 2013

Survivor talks about risks

The North Bay Nugget, May 2, 2013

Government of Canada Supports Childhood Injury Prevention

CNW, April 21, 2013

Darcy Tucker rejoins 'Leafs'

Cambridge Times, March 19, 2013

Teen's hockey injury re-opens debate about violence in youth hockey

Toronto Sun, Feb. 23, 2013

Brain Bang Theory

CBC Radio 1, Ideas with Paul Kennedy, Feb. 8, 2013

Parachute: Preventing Injuries.  Saving Lives.  New Canadian leader in injury prevention emerges

OHPE-Bulletin, Jan. 4, 2013

Know your level: Youth safety campaign launches at Snow Valley , Jan. 2, 2013

Teens learn by example; Student drivers are picking up on your habits - the good and the bad

The Globe and Mail, Dec. 27, 2012

Cloverdale crossing guard tops in Canada

Surrey North Delta Leader, Dec. 11, 2012

Première «Communauté sécuritaire» francophone au monde

La Tribune, Dec. 7, 2013

How long should my baby be in a rear-facing car seat?

The Globe and Mail, Dec. 6, 2012

Rule changes reduce hockey head injuries: Study

The Globe and Mail, Dec. 4, 2012