Public policy overview

Reducing Injuries with THE RIGHT SOLUTIONS

To achieve an injury-free Canada with Canadians living long lives to the fullest, Parachute provides thought leadership, evidence-based solutions, and actively informs dialogue on public policy to make injury prevention a Canadian priority.

Parachute works directly with Canadian families and communities, and with all levels of government to address preventable injuries at home, on the road, at work, and at play.


A focus on engineering, enforcement and education will establish large scale changes in healthy public policy and the creation of environments, both social and physical, which will encourage Canadians to be active and safe.

Parachute is LEADING THE WAY

  • We focus on community activation, building awareness, and delivering solutions.
  • We share leading practices and policy models that have a proven impact on injury reduction.
  • We are guided by an evidence-based framework for injury prevention that serves as a guide for federal, provincial, territorial and local policy makers.
  • We build capacity within organizations and communities, supporting widespread adoption of public policy in priority areas. 

Public Policy Toolkit

Some useful resources for the development, implimentation and evaluation of public policy in Canada. 

Parachute’s policy priorities

Motor vehicle collisions

This is the leading cause of preventable injury and death in Canada. We know, through legislation and enforcement mechanisms, public policy will ensure Canadians are safe on the road.

Sport and recreation

Public policy for injury prevention is about keeping Canadians active and safe.  Public policy for sport and recreation related injuries focuses on managing the risks that can often occur during sports, such as protocols for managing concussions and mandatory bike helmets for all ages. 

Falls prevention

Falls are the leading cause of reduced longevity and high healthcare costs among older adults.  As Canada’s population ages, it is becoming even more important to ensure that older adults remain active, healthy, and independent. Public policy focuses on programming and policies to enable older adults to maintain their health and fitness.

Partnering for Change

Effective policy for injury prevention requires a whole society approach and commitment. Parachute is leading the dialogue with several key stakeholders to create change:

  • Corporations
  • Government  
  • National, provincial, and local community organizations
  • Experts and thought leaders
  • Passionate individuals

Together, we recognize injury prevention as a leading social cause and are taking collective action to create important change.