Parachute Safe Kids Week 2016 Resources

Introduction to Parachute Safe Kids Week 2016 

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2016 was the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Parachute Safe Kids Week - a national awareness week developed to bring attention to predictable and preventable injuries in children. This years campaign was a great success!  There was a fantastic collaborative effort across the country with hundreds of communities and partners hosting local activities to raise awareness of the top injury issues that affect children At Home, At Play and On the Road.

Many Canadians are surprised to learn that preventable injuries kill more children every year than any other disease, and worst of all 1 child dies every 9 hours.

The good news is that our efforts are working – since 1996, Canada has enjoyed a decreasing trend in death and hospitalizations from preventable injuries. But more can be done.

Parachute Safe Kids Week 2016 garnered strong coverage and social media conversation across the country, highlighting local events - drawing attention to child safety at home, at play, and on the road, and Parachute Safe Kids Week.

While the campaign has wrapped up, you are still welcome to download and use the Parachute Safe Kids Week resources (found below and at the top right of this page) in your community!

Backgrounder (PDF)

An overview of Parachute Safe Kids Week and the focus for 2016.

Event Guide (PDF)

A guide to help you organize events in your community to draw attention to child safety At Home, At Play and On the Road.

Media Release Template (DOC)

A press release template for your community to customize.

Media Advisory Template (DOC)

A media advisory template for your community to customize.

If you plan on hosting any events, make sure to let us know at and by sharing on social media using the hashtag #SafeKids20.