Parachute Safe Kids Week is May 29 to June 4, 2023, with the theme of child passenger safety. 

Safe Kids Week is an annual campaign to raise public awareness of child safety issues in Canada, encouraging community involvement as part of the solution. The topic of 2023’s Safe Kids Week digital campaign is child passenger safety using the hashtag #KidsInTheRightSeat.

Why passenger safety is important for kids

Car crashes are a leading cause of death and injury to children in Canada. When children are put in the right car seat or booster seat, they are well protected and less likely to be severely injured. Using the right car seat in the right way can reduce the risk of injury by up to 82 per cent and risk of death by up to 71 per cent.

Our Safe Kids Week partners

IWK Child Safety Link
Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada (CPSAC)